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Life is not for a moment, but it's a combination of moments.

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International Psychologist

Drs. T.P. (Taya) Slobodjaniuk

I believe we all have the inherent potential for great things and I love assisting others in their emotional, psychological, and physical growth.

My passion is helping people tap into their resiliency when coping with unexpected life events. Helping people to reach goals, feel happier, or to improve their relation, is very rewarding and fulfilling to me.

I have programs to assist with improving and developing coping skills to address different issues: anxieties and fears, depression, trauma, abuse, childhood issues, burnout, work related stress, and more. . .

I can certainly help you identify the root cause of your emotional pain and suffering, and provide with many healthier ways to cope with the pain – in my role as a therapist.

After the first session, you will have coping tools to release stress.
I listen with a psychoanalytic ear. My working style is thoughtful, empathetic, and judgement-free. I will support, guide, and challenge you as we work together. In each session, I will help you recognize and adjust any negative thinking patterns that may be prohibiting you from reaching your goals. I will also assist you in developing a more positive perspective when tackling your presenting issues. 


International Expat Psychologist will offer you a warm and caring place to build skills and enhance your personal growth. Therapy and counseling is a guided process of self-discovery. Whether it begins in response to a traumatic event or at a time when positive change is sought, old patterns of behavior and thinking can stand in the way of healthy communication and feelings. Therapy and counseling provides access to strengthen skills so that new and healthier thoughts, feelings and behaviors take the place of old unhealthy ones.
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International experiences

My biggest passion is to see the world. I have lived in The Netherlands, Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, Dubai and Nigeria and worked for several years and experienced the beauty of different cultures. With my international mindset as a globe trotter, I visited 47 countries in this world and would love to continue. Don’t let others tell you how amazing the world is, see it for yourself!

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after the first session you will have coping skills to release your stress

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You are welcome to discuss any concerns that you might be going through, such as emotional pain, mental difficulties or/and work related matters.

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