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testing ADHD

In this page you can read all information how I could help you in diagnosing and treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Adults with ADHD are easily distracted, struggling with poor planning and organizational abilities, and suffer mood fluctuations and fits of temper. They seek out excitement and risks in order to be better able to concentrate, they often use drugs and alcohol, and they are impulsive and restless. Furthermore, they almost always have one or more additional disorders, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, a sleep disorder, a bipolar disorder, or a personality disorder. All this results in problems with functioning at school, at work, and in relationships

testing adhd


I strive to establish a client-centered tailored therapy for your specific ADHD challenges and difficulties. We begin with a diagnostics research process which is done in a relaxed attentive and thorough manner. Testing ADHD – The testing process enables me and you to get a detailed in-depth understanding of how ADHD symptoms have manifested themselves specifically for you, and how and when they have accompanied you over the course of you life. This always provides with valuable insight and understanding regarding life areas and challenges in your life to be further addressed in the following phase which is the intervention phase. Based on the outcomes of the diagnostic research process we establish together with the client a realistic treatment plan.
The intervention (treatment) follows based on this treatment plan and is usually comprised of strategies with directive gradual assignment of tasks. As necessary we may consider with you the combination of medication for ADHD that can be prescribed to you by your G.P. based on the assessment and your preference. The following phase is the assessment phase in which we evaluate the effectiveness of treatment thus far against the goals that we had established. Based on this evaluation we may then decide to continue into a maintenance phase in which we will accompany you in the implementation and sustaining of the strategies you will have learnt and the new habits you will have established to deal better with the effects of ADHD. And in any case I’m committed to be here for you!