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Hello, I’m Tony!

As I was studying Engineering at EPFL, I discovered sophrology and Yoga. My growing passion for personal development lecture brought me to change my studies for psychology in Lausanne, Geneva, and even to the Mecca of psychology: New York !

After my academic Master’s degree, I trained intensively in several Psychoanalytical Schools and obtained the Swiss Psychotherapy FSP diploma (Swiss registered psychotherapist).

In 1998 I opened my private practice office in Geneva, offering alternative approach to the psychiatric medication. Helping people to cope with all sort of difficulties, or questions, is very rewarding, but you can never rest on your achievement and always need to learn more. My curiosity led me to study philosophy, spirituality, Integrative and Transgenerational Psychotherapy, and thus enlarged my understanding of human destiny and become trainer and supervisor.

I have written articles for professional journals, published and edited my own books and collective books. Three of them have been translated in English. For a large audience, my book “Transgenerational Therapy” summarizes the best my work.

Besides my activities as a psychotherapist, I have many “hobbies”. For example, I love to fix and tune up mechanics on my motorcycles, cars, and boat since I was 12 years. I also traveled a lot, discovering many different cultures, in North and South America, Asia and Europe. My preferred voyage? to go on a tropical place with only the first night reservation in my pocket.

Life is an adventure that connects the external world to the internal one (if you haven’t lost track of it!), nourishing an essential and meaningful dialogue between oneself and one’s destiny.

I offer sessions online and in person.

If you are interested in my book, you can find it in English here and French here