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Expat Psychologist

Taya Slobodjaniuk

My education is very broad – Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology, Conflict Management, Stress Management Coaching & Consultancy Professional, Occupational Psychology, Executive Coaching, Masterclasses in Diagnosing & Treatment of the Gifted, and MBA International Healthcare Management.

I have lived in Syria, Switzerland, Belgium, Ukraine, Dubai and Nigeria and worked for several years and experienced the beauty of different cultures.

Member of American Mental Health Counselor Association (AMHCA). Member of American Psychological Association. Member of European Association for Counselling (EAC).

The focus of my practice is on counseling expats. I’m well acquaintance with the issues that expats face it. Relocation to a foreign country, isolation, relationship, work, family, health, finances, all can impact our self-image, our mood and our energy. I combine my skills with empathy and warmth and help people who are experiencing distress or stress either in their personal lives, in their relationships, in their families or in their career. As well I provide effective treatments for a range of problems: depression, anxiety, panic, stress, grief and loss, relationship problems, behavioral issues with children, parenting and much more. I’m a  psychologist who is a non-judgmental listener who can provide a different perspective on your problems. . . .  our care & professional services. 

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International Psychologist

Zeynep Burcu Alper

My name is Zeynep, I was born and raised in Turkey where I studied for my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Later on, I found myself away from home and being an expat studying for a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in the Netherlands. Afterward I worked with autistic children and their families for 2.5 years. I had the possibility to see and understand a completely different way to perceive and comprehend the world with them, something that will accompany me for the rest of my life. Later on, I saw myself drawn into a very different line of work. I continued my training and path in the nongovernmental organization of Doctors of the World. Here I was able to provide therapy services to Syrian refugees, where I grew immensely as a professional and as a person. I had the opportunity to learn how to help others deal with their past and present trauma. I believe that working in difficult areas such as autism and refugees has helped me gain an arrange of skills to be a better professional. Being able to help improve someone’s life in a significant way, is a great reward from my job, and it helps me strive to be the best psychologist I can be. At the same time, the fact that I lived in three very different countries and experienced several cultures made me more inclusive and open-minded.

I continued my training and path in the nongovernmental organization of Doctors of the World. Here I was able to provide therapy services to Syrian refugees, where I grew immensely as a professional and as a person.

I have lived in societies where the prejudice and stigma against mental health and therapy were very present. This has motivated my desire to do my job in the best way possible so that I can break prejudice and help people accomplish their goals. I haven’t met anyone who wouldn’t benefit from the help of a professional therapist. Therapy contributes to changing our perceptions to understand and face our challenges in a better light. In my opinion, something that provides us with a variety of perspectives should have a permanent place in our lives, although we don’t usually reach out for help until our condition worsens, therapy can be a place to grow as the person that you want to be. With this mindset, I want to do my best and reach as many people as possible. I believe that being able to offer English and Turkish therapy on an international platform will bring me one step closer to my dreams.

our care & services
our care & services

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Junior Psychologist

Neus Garcia Herrero

The first time I realized I wanted to become a psychologist I was in the line of the cafeteria in High School, one of my classmates started to have an anxiety attack, so I pulled him out of there and tried to calm him down. When he relaxed and thanked me with a hug afterward I knew psychology was the line of work for me. Having been raised as a scout, helping and serving others is one of my core values. It brings me joy and a sense of purpose to help others grow and learn about themselves, to give them strategies to cope with the many challenges life has, and improve their well-being. During my years of learning in the degree, I discovered my love for understanding human behavior and its complexity. I understood that we are a mixture of our past experiences, present belief systems, and attitudes towards the future. I was perplexed at how many things I was studying could be applied on a day-to-day basis, and how nobody from my personal life would know about this. I believe that psychologists could help anyone’s quality of life improve, but many times we face stigma, however, no problem is too small to go to therapy.

“Helping others improve their quality of life is what drives me into this profession, and I have the opportunity to learn from this amazing team that will help me become a better professional"

I have always found myself drawn to international life. When I was 16 years old, I decided to study for a year abroad in the United States. This experience allowed me to integrate into an entirely different culture, but it of course came with its challenges. I still hold up that year as one of the most important ones in my life, it allowed me to broaden my perspective on life and people, as well as to realize that there is no one right way of living. After this great adventure, I wanted to keep experiencing other cultures, and I stayed one year abroad during my university degree in England. Here I realized that no experience abroad is the same and that the difficulties you may face in one situation may be completely different, at a social and personal level. It seemed fate that my parents moved to Geneva a few years ago, one of the most international cities in the world; and it felt natural that I would follow them a bit after to start a new life here. So now, I find myself living as an expat with my family, with expats friends, and expats neighbors, something that allows me to see all the different faces that this way of life entails.


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Each client has a uniqueness about them and my work is finding it and helping that client realize it and live in it. Perception is the key to understanding. Awareness is the key to realization.


ongoing discussion

My main focus in therapy is to help people to live happier, fuller lives. Obstacles such as fear, trauma, and negative self-image often block people from what they are truly capable of.


solving the problem

We all know what to do to take care of ourselves however we continue to make decisions in our lives that sabotage our goals. Why is this? I help people to understand the why.

that we provide
I specialize in the assessment and treatment of a variety of psychological concerns, including anxiety, fears, relationship problems, work stress, ADHD, trauma, etc.

our care & professional services – collaboration is critical in therapy work – you and I are a team. You have a voice in the office. We work to gently make you accountable for where you are struggling and work to change behaviors so that you get what you need from your life, instead of life getting what it needs from you! Together we can cooperatively walk the path to the new reality you want.

our vision

The decision to pursue therapy is a personal one. We believe that all persons have an innate strength and ability to contribute to their own healing and growth. We will work at a pace that is comfortable for you and strive toward carefully planned goals in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. We truly love what we do and we have a PASSION to help people. Our care & professional services . . .


Our care & professional services – psychotherapy is really aimed at helping people solve problems they are unable to solve on their own. Truly what sets a trained professional from a “friend“ is their education, experience and training to treat and view problems.