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Executive Assistent

About Debora – Hi all, my name is Debora. I am from a little island in South Italy called Ischia. As little as it is, years ago, I decided to expand my knowledge about the world. Therefore, I moved to Australia for about two years. This experience helped me learn about many different things: the different cultures, languages, and religions and how these influence people’s behaviours differently.

Afterwards, I moved to the Netherlands. Indeed now I live in Rotterdam, where I am pursuing my master’s in Clinical Psychology at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), The Netherlands.

I am the Executive Assistant of the Geneva Expat Psychologist practice. Part of my job is to take care of the administrative part and make the process as simple and less complicated as possible for you. I will be the one that will answer your emails and help you get assigned to one of our psychologists. I am trained to pay attention to details and stay organized, with good time-management skills and problem-solving abilities. I am an expat as well. Hence I am here to help other expats to have a smoother process while asking for psychological support. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.